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New Release! 

AutismandMe _CVR_2D (1).jpg

A book for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Autism and Me explores some of the difficulties that a young person with ASD may encounter and helps to make them aware of their differences, embrace them, and learn the skills to cope with life's challenges. In this book, many different views are described, but each person and their experience is different so they may not identify with all the descriptions in the book or may think some things have been left out. 

TheSecretProblem _CVR_2D (1).jpg

A book for children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 

Between one to two percent of children have OCD. It is often hidden and kept secret. Lack of knowledge and delays in treatment will cause worsening of symptoms. OCD causes great distress for the child and their family. This book explains OCD so a child and their family can understand and challenge it early rather than keep it hidden and suffer in silence. 

TheSchoolWobblies _CVR_2D (1).jpg

A book for children who have difficulty attending school. 

Some children find it extremely hard to go to school because it makes them very anxious and worried. If a child refuses to go to school they suffer emotionally, socially, and educationally. It causes the family great distress. Refusal to go to school is an urgent problem and should be dealt with quickly. The longer a child is away from school the harder it is to get them back. The School Wobblies helps children, families, and professionals understand the anxiety children suffer from going to school and ways to manage it.

FullOfBeans_CVR_2D (1).jpg

A book for young children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Modern life and education make many demands that young people sit still and pay attention for long periods, restrain any restlessness, and avoid being distracted. A young person who is not good at such self-restraint runs into many difficulties and has what is called, 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder', or ADHD. It is also often called, 'Attention Deficit Disorder' or ADD. This book explains what ADHD is and common strategies used to help those who have it. 

HowToBustTheWorryWarts _CVR_2D (1).jpg

A book for children who worry too much and for those who want to help them. 

This book is to help children who experience unnecessary, exaggerated, and often terrifying worries. The worries are portrayed as Worry Warts who float around making mischief by pushing useless, painful, and ridiculous worries into the minds of children. This causes distress and a decrease in functioning with avoidance of activities that make them anxious. This book teaches children to challenge the Worry Warts and get back to normal activities, unconstrained by anxiety.. 

Fingerlime Books Currently Avaliable

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Lost in a Mind Field is about the experience of having a psychosis. While Schizophrenia is the main focus it addresses other causes of strange mental experiences. The cartoons make it easier to understand psychosis and that can lead to much better treatment and outcomes. 

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Mood disorders, both low and high, are common and cause great suffering. In Too Blue, the text is straightforward but detailed and the explanations and cartoons bring the problems and solutions to life. A 'special section' provides more detailed information about mood disorders.

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Panic attacks often cause misery and generate phobias and even crippling agoraphobia. The Panic Book shows adults and older children the causes and effects of panic attacks and how they can be effectively controlled. 

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